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Haryana Registration Information System (HARIS)


HARIS has been implemented in all the three tehsils (Rewari, Bawal, Kosli) and subtehsil Dharuhera. It has provided improvement in revenue of Govt. Of Haryana and also better house keeping of records.


HAryana Registration Information System [HARIS] has been developed with objective of providing Single Windows Services, Timely Registration, Transparent & reliable transactions. It will be a tool to monitor the revenue generated out of registration. HARIS has been designed and developed using user-friendly Windows based technologies keeping future trends and requirements in view.


[01.1] The Need


The work-culture & age-old procedures has brought following problems in the office of Sub-Registrar:


v      Lack of high degree of transparency in valuation of properties and calculations of stamp duty & registration.

v      The system is not user-friendly to fulfill the desires of public

v      Delays in providing the services & office record maintenance.

v      Problems in voluminous document management


Above issues called for radical reforms so that rigid & complex system can be simplified to bring the transparency and one-stop service to the common man.


[01.2] HARIS A helping hand


Revenue department, Haryana in technical consultation with NIC-Haryana, decided to implement HARIS in all tehsils/sub-tehsils of Haryana in phased manner. Sub-Registrar Offices, where HARIS is to be implemented, has been consulted for inclusion of all features in the software.


Following are the objectives of HARIS Project :


v      To bring transparency in the registration process.

v      To simplify registration procedures.

v      To provide one-stop services related to registration

v      To generate MIS reports for monitoring

v      To enhance speed, reliability and consistency of system

v      On-line query on registered deeds

v      Structuring/standardizing the language of deed documents to minimize intermediaries

v      To maintain database of photographs to ensure genuine witnesses, executants & claimants.

v      Generation of exceptional reports for the purpose of auditing.

v      Maintenance of permanent record of deeds on CD-ROMs.


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